Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Today we’ll talk about civilization. Yeah, whatever you do shows whether you are civilized or not lol. I’m kind of talking crap here so let me go straight to the thing. What I would like to mumbling here is something like “adab-adab menziarahi rumah saudara mara mahupun sahabat handai” Yes, I know you don’t want to be told about politeness in the house, how you eat, talk et cetera. This is more serious which is “bagaimana menggunakan tandas tuan rumah”.

It is really hateful when you open the lid of the toilet seat and see dua tiga ketul tahi berapungan di permukaan air. Then you’ll start to think “oh patutla die tutup jamban nie slalu terbukak dem”. Got the message? Yesss! Please do flush after use. And in case the ‘thing’ still floating after you flushed it (probably the amount of that ‘thing’ produced is exceeding the limit and make the flushed water incapable to push ‘it’ down), please do something to make it  go into the sewer. Hey, there’s a pail. Takung air banyak2 jiruslah sapa suh ko makan banyak bwat taik banyak je kan da takleh flush. And in the other case, there’s no pail or anything (tapi takkanla teruk sangat takde baldi or paip getah), getah paip juga boleh digunakan sila curah air tersebut ke lubang tandas walaupun ambil masa lama tapi takpelah. Let the other say “eh lamanye die dalam toilet mesti berak”. Eh bwatpe nak malu kalau orang tau ko berak siti nurhaliza dengan dr. syekh muzaphar pun berak juga. Whatever, take your time. Takde sapa marah kalau berak dalam tandas rumah orang tapi pandai jaga kebersihan. Don’t think that when you leave your ‘thing’ visible to others, the others won’t know its yours. Seberapa ramai pun orang yang datang, kami masih akan cam siapa yang menggunakannye untuk buang yang ‘kecil’ mahupun ‘besar’. 

There! Next time, please do use the toilet wisely.  

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