Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Words.

First, I deactivated my Facebook account. Not because I hate Facebook. I do hate it though, but that’s not the reason. And it’s not the Facebook that matter, it’s the people who using it that make it hateful. In Facebook we often annoy other users without realizing it, or the other way round. I guess I do annoy too, sometimes. And I wrote earlier that I only kept my Facebook account just to keep connected, that’s bullshit. Seriously people, in Facebook we all kind of show off, posting absurd status, posting 84 pictures in one album of just your face with 84 different postures and face expressions, stalk people, hack, wait for the plants to grow and harvested, updating the status with curses, commenting other status and pictures just to fool around, predicting when you’ll get married, predicting your babies name, creating controversial status..Well of course not all of us do the wasting, they are also those who use Facebook for religious posts (God bless them) and sharing tips or story about how to be isteri solehah and suami mithali. I think I used Facebook twice for a really useful purpose; announcing about the final year project thing and study group call. That might not reach 0.01% of my useful Facebook usage. Whatever.

But seriously, all of that is not the main reason. It’s a personal thing. And I am not a person who tells everything on the internet. (Like what Mark Zuckerberg did after he being dumped by a girl which initiated all the Facebook thing lol). Lets say I’m giving it a rest until I have a very good reason to use Facebook again. And I won’t lose contact with friends. Duh, of course I don’t depend only on a social networking for contacts. For those who always stick with me whenever I laugh or cry I will always have ways to reach you. I’d rather have few friends but really good ones rather having thousands of acquaintance just because he/she added you in Facebook.

Secondly, I’m leaving blogspot. I can’t find the reason why but I guess I just want to keep myself away from this blogging thing and pay much attention to some serious thing (actually this Facebook matter affected my decision to stop blogging). Anyways, I still have my tumblr. If any case. I’ll update that often. At least reblogging pictures bahahahh. You can go visit my tumblr if you want to. Click on my tumblr picture on the right side of this blog.

So that’s all I guess. My last sugary ramblings. It turned out that all my posts and ramblings in this blog is not sweet enough after all. So, mission pail! (failed) lol. Love ya.