Friday, November 26, 2010


Oklah, it seemed like ade orang cakap aku sweet as candy then I post this entry hahahh.

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tagged the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it’s because I want to know more about you"

  1. Marahaini itu maksudnya “dua kegembiraan”. Bila anda dengar nama itu then rasa-rasa pelik macam tak penah dengar, then nak sebut pun macam “Mar..haini”, “Maharani”, Mara…hini” Marah aini”, stop it, I’ve had enough of it. Beratus orang kat Malaysia mempunyai nama ini. Tak payah buat-buat pelik. And yes, Markam indicates that I’m a daughter of a Javanese man.
  2. Yes, I’m overweight. But NOT obese. And I’m PROUD of it!
  3. Overweight doesn’t mean that I eat like a slob. There are ways to gain kilos to your fat. 
  4. I am unfriendly. Honestly, I don’t have many friends because I’m not good with people. The friends that I have is the one who really knows me and I’ll stick to them forever.
  5. I studied something about agriculture but seriously I’m not good at it. It doesn’t mean that i know everything about plants and flowers. (duh, i’m major in AGRIculture not HORTIculture).
  6. I’m Johorian. But I don’t know things about my hometown even directions. Because I’ve spent almost half of my life living outside JB. And my mum won’t let me merambu at the town whenever I’m went back home for holiday.
  7. I started using facial cream/moisturizer when I’m in Tabika Kemas (It was Hazelene Snow. Blame mum).
  8. I am not a fast-worker. I am slow because I pay attention to every details. Kalau cepat, keje siap tapi macam tak siap. Even makan pun lambat!. That’s why I hate people restlessly waiting for me finished doing something after they’ve done because I feel like dumbass punya lembab. So whoever takes time really serious like oh tak buleh lambat even second nanti mati, go walk away. I can’t spend my slow moment with you.
  9. Ironically, I am slow. But I can’t have patience for others who slower than me lol.
  10. I text much. Seldom call. Mostly because credits budgeting. Blame my boyfriend. Sometimes RM20 for credits top up can’t be enough.
  11. Oh, my long distance relationship with Ahmad Marshidi started after we leave school. That makes it 4 years (5 includes a year in the school). So long even die pun da hilang perasaan segan untuk kentut depan aku dem.
  12. I’m not picky about food. I eat almost everything. And I really can’t accept people who do not eat durian (note: Ahmad Marshidi). Hey, durian itu rocksss! You’re not truly Malaysian if you can’t eat a fruit that only found in your country.
  13. I always carry a hand sanitizer in my bag. Not because I’m a hygiene conscious, but I’m lazy enough to wash my hands lol.
  14. I always broke. No doubt about that. I have the inability to control my money spending wisely.
  15. I’m not good at math, nor art. Hell, I don’t know what I’m good at. Pity. I’m just average dang it!
  16. I read magazine backward. From the last page to front. I don’t know why. It’s just a habit.
  17. I love mint flavoured chocolate and ice cream. And mint candy of course. But I hate inedible things with menthol like shampoos and shower creams. Rasa berangin hanya sesuai untuk minyak angin thank you. 
  18. Speaking about chocolate, I love them but I don’t like chocolate flavoured food (except cakes, muffins, and hot chocolate!). eg:chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate milkshake, chocolate flavoured biscuits (ah, I only eat buttercrunch Chipsmore!), chocolate pudding etc..Chocolate taste better in chocolate itself.
  19. I love to paint my nails.
  20. I have serious hair problem since I dyed (diy style) it when I was in upper form school. Oh now I realized I don’t want to talk about it. Next!
  21. I started using eye glasses since 2001. And I hate to wear it because it interrupt my tudung’s shape.
  22. I want to have body like Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas. With a little tone of muscles. Macam ade tapi takde. Naiss!   
  23. As a girl I love pretty things but not fancy. And simple is sweet!  
  24. If I’m allowed to have a tatoo, I would like to have one on the back of my shoulder. And buttocks hahahh.
  25. Recently trying to be green.

I don’t know who I supposed to tag. I guess I don’t have 25 blogfriends lol. So, suit yourself to put this on your blog! And oh, here’s my new Tumblr and this is his new Tumblr. Well, we just do things together bye.   

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