Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Before this I post my hatefulness of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Now let me nag nag about a couple of other social networking whatever service that I recently used/using.


1. Twitter


source: tweeterism.com

I once had a twitter account. Just to keep updated like “wow sume orang ade twitter, twitter sangat hip musti ade!”. Unless I have a Backberry Dorch or HDC HD7, I think there’s no use for person like me to have this twitter account thing. When you have a twitter you have to spend a very long time to browse all the twitting from others especially if you following other person who tweets like every minutes. So it is so impractical for me to on my outdated pc all the time just to follow twitter. Yeah I can online with my outdated mobile phones but hey, I’m using prepaid! And sometimes it’s just disturbing when you follow this twitter of Dolce and Gobbana or Kim Kordashian just because you’re a fan, all the tweets are something that have nothing to me. So, sangat semak. Besides, there’s no notification if somebody tweets something for me. So if you want to read what the other reply your tweet, you have to browse all over the not-important tweets from the previous Dolce and Gobbana and Kim Kordashian and after couples times you clicked the older tweets link then you can found the @ symbol with your username with it blugh! (or maybe there’s a way to get a notification and a noob like me just don’t know about it yet, please tell me) I might have this twitter account back but maybe after I own a cool phone. Maybe. Because I already spend a lot of time texting. I might don’t want to spend more reading other people status on my mobile phones screen lol.


2. Tumblr


Personally speaking, I really love tumblr. It is all perfect. Simple. With its various theme, and all the specific sections with specific post. And I don’t mind there’s no commenting application whatever. For me tumblr is like posting a blog in twitter. Of course it’s less annoying because it’s a blog thing you know, nobody post it for every minutes right? Just every 5 minutes lol. Because what? It takes 4 minutes to read other tumblr and 1 minute to reblog. Yeah, there’s no flaw in this tumblr thing, but the reblog trend. It’s said that tumblr is a new way to blog but is it really a blog when you open it and it all full of pictures that you reblog from the other tumblr? And it turned out then you can’t figure out which tumblr the picture originally came from because it have been reblog from about 1789 tumblr users . No offense here. Hey I sometimes reblog myself because I don’t have idea what to write in tumblr (since I write blog in blogspot haha). Just I think the reblog thing should be removed so people will have idea to post thing for themselves. Create their own picture, or at least take the effort to copy the link to post it back to their blog instead of clicking the reblog thing. Just think of something else if you worry about the copyright of your work.

Conclusion, I only have a facebook account because EVERYBODY have the account. So I have connections with people. Or otherwise, there’s always a solution in which case I lost the phone number..

p/s: and yes, I just learnt the word “noob”.

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