Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I got a new hobby recently, collecting novels. And I really can’t wait for my new book from a-person-that-I-only-know-who! Cepatt sikitt..hihikk.

never_let_me_go_large1gambar hiasan

Remember I posted something in my previous blog where my thesis advisor nag nag something about my horrible writings like I have not read a story book? Yes, only now I read books boo hoo..

Al-kisahnya, one day we (my family) decided to visit nyai at kampong and stayed there for one night. So in the morning we packed all the food and stuff, then the garments and everything. While packing, there was mum who was “jangan lupa bawak berus gigi takde sapa nak share dengan kau..” and “bawak telekung, selimut sume bawak..bla..bla..” or “eh kita bawak satu towel jelah kita share dua orang ringan beg.” Finished with all the packing and talking, I grab my new bought novel and put it inside my bag. When mum took a glance at the action, I thought she was going to say something encouraging. Because yeah “bangsa membaca bangsa berjaya” and stuff. Instead, I heard this:

“Bawak2la Quran dibaca kat mana-mana hati tenang je sentiasa ingat Tuhan. Nie tak, baca buku merapik2 je manjang. Ngaji taknak…”

There you go! A real advice from madame hajah baru pulang dari Makkah..And the effect was speechless that I felt like I’ve been given a hard backhand to my face hemphhhh!

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