Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rombongan Joyah ke Aloq Staq.

How long it took to attend a wedding in Kedah;

1. Whining about the trip. Refusing to join it. (a week before the trip)

2. Arguing with mum which baju kurung should she and me wear to the kenduri. (3 hours)

3. Packing and ironing the clothes etc. (an hour)

4. Waiting for brother’s in law’s uncle for a ride to Larkin. (2 hours-which turned out he cancelled it so we took a cab)

5. A cab ride to Larkin. (half an hour) 

6. Waiting for the bus to arrive. (an hour and half-the bus arrived not on time)

7. On the road. (6 hours)

8. Suddenly involved in an accident. (seconds-the bus hit a car)

9. Panicking because the bus’s door couldn’t be opened after the hit. (20 minutes)

10. Stuck in highway, waiting for police to inspect the scene. (an hour and half)

11. Go to Nilai, for the chief of the trip to make a police report. (2 hours)

12. Back on road. (10 hours-involving rest, eat, and solat break which was the bus went for break every 2 hours)

13. Chanting “I want to get home!” and swearing on the a/c. (all the time on the trip)

14. Bath, rest, get ready to attend the wedding in a rent house. (2 hours)

15. Attending the wedding. (Just less than 3 hours)

And a plate of nasi minyak and nasi putih (tak buleh tambah) with ikan masin masak kari, kurma daging, acar buah, ayam masak merah, a slice of orange and a box of choclairs. (PRICELESS)

*whatever. i don’t have to mention the journey home.

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